Enhancing in-person learning opportunities by using recorded media

This session took place as part of the 2021-22: A year in review – A workshop to reflect and share.

The presenters were Scott Slorach.


Scott describes how current approaches to learning in a first year skills module in the Law School have been shaped by resources and activities developed during the remote teaching phases of the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, learning activities on the module were built around an introductory plenary session at the start of each block of the module, followed by a workshop providing opportunities for practice, reflection and feedback. During the pandemic, the introductory plenary was replaced by online resources built on short video recordings. The continued use of these resources has allowed for a plenary session to be re-introduced, but this is now used at the end of each block for consolidation, reflection and feed forward activities. This is serving to increase the overall number of learning points during each block of the module and to increase the load of active rather than passive learning.

You can access the recording of this session at this link:

Enhancing in-person learning opportunities by using recorded media (UoY Panopto log-in required)

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