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Out now: “Student work” (Autumn Term 2016)


Welcome to issue 41 of Forum magazine which focusses on Student Work: one of the key principles of the York Pedagogy.  The articles you will find in the following pages provide examples of learning activities from across the University that have been designed to promote active student engagement in their learning, increase time on task and maximise educational gain.  By identifying ‘student activity as the defining process of learning‘ the Pedagogy encourages us to, where appropriate, think beyond traditional approaches to teaching in order to promote greater learning.  The best practice described in the articles included in this issue cover novel approaches to teaching such as collaborations with professional organisations, simulations with actors, research-based learning, ‘flipping’ and even studying Lego ecosystems!  These activities are presented in the context of specific disciplines but the overall approaches and ideas are widely transferable.  Whether the activity has been designed for a BA or BSc programme, reading about successful and novel approaches to teaching always make me think about where I could incorporate the ideas to improve learning in my own environmental science modules.  The articles presented in this issue of Forum have left me with plenty of food for thought and we hope that they highlight approaches that you could also use to maximise educational gain in your own modules.  Now, back to think about where I can use Lego in my teaching …

– Claire Hughes, Editor

Coming soon: articles will be available as blog posts.

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