Drawing on diversity: The international classroom at Maastricht University and beyond

Dr Donna Carroll - EDLAB, Maastricht University Session Report by Ian Gray Maastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands with 53% of students and 42% of academic staff coming from overseas. With its emphasis on small-scale, collaborative and student-centred learning, this diversity can have a big impact on group work, projects and … Continue reading Drawing on diversity: The international classroom at Maastricht University and beyond

Facilitating Inclusive and Engaged Learning in Fully Online Masters Programmes

Nathan Page (Academic Support Office), Liz Matykiewicz (The York Management School) and Dawn Wood (Computer Science) Session report by Ian Gray: The University of York has recently started offering fully-online masters programmes from the Department of Computer Science and from the York Management School. In this session, the presenters took us through some of the … Continue reading Facilitating Inclusive and Engaged Learning in Fully Online Masters Programmes

Supporting students giving competent oral presentations

Speaker: Dr Silke Göbel, Department of Psychology Monday 10 February 2020 in H/G09, Heslington Hall, Campus West 12.30 - 2.00pm   Workshop Summary Dr Silke Göbel discussed the factors surrounding student anxiety in giving presentations, and how teaching staff might build in measures to support students in this type of task. We began by working together … Continue reading Supporting students giving competent oral presentations

2020 Conference Poster Session

AuthorsTitle and AbstractJenny Pollard, Tamsyn KissEnvironment and GeographyEasing transition for outgoing Year in Industry studentsThis project will pilot using students as mentors to ease transition for outgoing year in industry students creating a vital and inclusive learning community and offering students key peer support during the Year in Industry vacancy search and recruitment cycle. The … Continue reading 2020 Conference Poster Session

2020 Conference Presentations

Creating Innovative Learning Methods in Archaeology: Integrating the Practical and the Theoretical in Artefact Studies Andy Needham, Jess Bates, Mike Groves, Andy Langley, Steph Piper - Archaeology We report on the creation of an innovative learning method as part of the recently redeveloped Accessing Archaeology year one undergraduate course in Archaeology, which allows students to … Continue reading 2020 Conference Presentations

2020 Conference Keynote

Reflections on disability, inclusion & accessibility in academia Speaker: Yota Dimitriadi Dr Yota Dimitriadi is an experienced, innovative teacher-educator who specialises in the field of digital technologies and computer science education with passion around inclusion and diversity. Her special interest is in digital well-being and inclusive self-care practices for caring professions. A member of national … Continue reading 2020 Conference Keynote

Physics3D – an inclusive learning project

Tuesday 21st May 2019, 12.30pm to 2.00pm Speakers: Dr Emily Brunsden, Lecturer, Department of PhysicsLocation: Room P/T/111, Physics library reading room, Campus West Workshop Summary Inclusivity is actively including people, fostering a sense of belonging, empowering those with different backgrounds and removing barriers. Microchanges to teaching practice can help dramatically with the above. Emily will … Continue reading Physics3D – an inclusive learning project

Teaching-led research, using teaching activities to drive forward research

Wednesday 30th January 2018, 1.00pm to 2.30pm Speakers: Anna Bramwell-Dicks, Theatre, Film and Television Location: Room LMB/025, Law and Management, Campus East Workshop Summary Teaching and research are, fairly obviously, both important activities for most academic. These activities are often considered as separate entities, in that academics are either doing research or they are doing … Continue reading Teaching-led research, using teaching activities to drive forward research

Padlet Workshop

Wednesday 5th December 2018, 15.00 Speakers: Lilian Soon, Educational Adviser, Programme Design and Learning Team and Carmen Álvarez-Mayo, Department of Language and Linguistic ScienceLocation: Room D/N/056, Derwent College, Campus West Workshop Summary The aims of the workshop are to share good practice and increase the number of University staff using Padlet, to develop more collaborative and diverse work … Continue reading Padlet Workshop