Introducing students to effective learning strategies on a university-wide scale

This session took place as part of the 2020 Conference. The presenters were Walter Jansen.


Did you know that 75% of the students use ineffective learning strategies when preparing for their exams and tutorials? When entering university, it is difficult to find a good study strategy. Based on decades of cognitive psychological research on learning, Maastricht University’s (UM) School of Health Professions Education and the UM Institute for Education Innovation (EDLAB) have identified a number of effective and ineffective learning strategies and designed three separate ‘Study Smart’ workshops for students to address these: an awareness, a reflection and a practice workshop. Our understanding of ‘effectiveness of a learning strategy’ predominantly relates to the durability of information retention. Within UM’s problem-based learning (PBL) approach, we require a high level of self-directedness from our students e.g. self-study, reflection and evaluation of learning. Adopting (a mix of) effective learning strategies is therefore essential for learner development and could improve study success. Next to the design of the workshops, over the last two years, it has been EDLAB’s goal to make the workshops available to every student in all UM faculties. As a central university institute, EDLAB can disseminate and sustainably implement education innovations on a UM-wide scale. My presentation relates to two dimensions of the ‘novel approaches to learning’ theme: the topic of effective learning strategies and the way we implement a successful innovation in the university. I will therefore first reflect on our findings regarding effective learning strategies and afterwards show how EDLAB realizes institutional implementation of successful innovations, such as the ‘Study Smart’ workshops.

You can access the recording of this session at this link here:

Introducing students to effective learning strategies on a university-wide scale (UoY Panopto log-in required)

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