From pre-assessment consumption to ongoing active engagement: Student-created content and peer review using the Panopto recorder

This session took place as part of the 2020 Conference. The presenters were Angela O’Flaherty and Rob Shaw.


As part of an increased focus on active learning and student engagement, interest has grown in student-generated content and peer review processes in HE (Sánchez et al., 2019). Research has indicated that there are potential benefits in the use of student-created video content in terms of engagement, satisfaction and learning outcomes (Greene, 2014; Chewar and Matthews, 2016).

Our presentation discusses and reflects on the reframing of a Year 2 French video project, piloted in 2018-9, in order to optimise students’ learning and engagement. By shifting the onus of video creation from lecturer to students, the project aimed to consolidate students’ learning and to provide a snapshot of their understanding. Feedback indicated the videos were primarily used as revision tools. In order to move beyond pre-assessment consumption of videos towards greater ongoing engagement, we introduced a series of changes for 2019-20. These included the use of Panopto (the University’s tool for lecture recording) to facilitate the recording and sharing of videos between ‘creation groups’ and ‘feedback groups’, and the introduction of a reflection component more closely tied to the module learning outcomes.

We will explore the impact of the modifications made and suggest changes for the upcoming academic year, drawing on feedback collected from students who have both completed the project and who are currently working on it. By focusing on the students’ experiences of making and working with the videos, we will investigate how far these activities allow students to engage with their learning in a creative way.

You can access the recording of this session at this link here:

From pre-assessment consumption to ongoing active engagement: Student-created content and peer review using the Panopto recorder (UoY Panopto log-in required)

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