Industrial Project: Providing Software and IT services to organizations serving the public interest

This session took place as part of the 2021 Conference. The presenters were Dimitris Dranidis.


A fundamental aspect of the programmes of the Computer Science Department, CITY College, University of York Europe Campus is to provide students with opportunities to work with real clients. The Industrial Project is a credit bearing module offered at the final year of our UG and PGT programmes, with the aim to enhance the employability profile of students. Students work in teams on real-life projects provided by external clients.

Team-work on a software development project provides an opportunity to students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their studies to a realistic problem. Students are exposed to contemporary software development processes and tools, familiarize themselves with the practices followed in the industry, and deal with the challenges of effective communication, collaboration, and time-management, thus building a competitive employability profile.

Moreover our Department, driven by its commitment to social responsibility, provides via the Industrial Project free of charge IT solutions to charity and non-profit organizations (Alzheimer Hellas, UN International Organisation for Migration, etc.) This initiative aligns with our strategic goal to reach out and work with the wider society in order to strengthen relationships with local communities.

The presentation aims to discuss details about the delivery and the assessment methods of the module, the role of the module leader and how we handle all the challenges that emerge, such as collaboration issues within student groups, communication with the client, from setting and agreeing on the project, up to the delivery of the final product by the students.

You can access the recording of this session at this link here:

Industrial Project: Providing Software and IT services to organizations serving the public interest (UoY Panopto log-in required)

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