The Crime Walk Project

Monday 5th November 2018, 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Speakers: Maggie O’Neill and Ruth Penfold Mounce, Department of Sociology (Criminology)
Location: Room H/G/09, Heslington Hall, Campus West

Workshop Summary

The York Crime Walk was developed as a pedagogical tool to introduce BA Criminology and BA Sociology/Criminology students (and also at Open Days and Visit Days) to the theories and concepts of criminology by walking through the city and engaging with the places, landmarks and spaces of crime, justice and punishment from medieval times to the current day. Supported by the Dept of Sociology, UoY Teaching Committee Rapid Response Fund and CrimNet the York Crime Walk enables students to learn and understand in an active, embodied and convivial way. Walking through the city following a map/landmarks, combined with the digital sound resource is a very helpful method that enables students to conduct a critical recovery of the histories and cultures of crime, justice and punishment in the present aligned to the Values and Principles of the York Pedagogy. In this session we will introduce participants to the York Crime Walk, the development of the walk and the underpinning pedagogical principals and values. The session will be interactive.

Workshop Report Padlet

by session chair, Sally Quinn

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