Turn to the self: How autoethnography could help teaching practice and student participation

Caitlin Kitchener, Department of Archaeology, University of York


Autoethnography is an exciting methodology that seeks to reconcile the tension between the researcher and researched by recognising how the self can be an important and valid site of study. Through being a highly reflexive and personal method, it can translate to the self analysis of teaching practice, helping to generate insight and analysis into your own teaching experience.

This workshop will provide a quick overview of autoethnography and the accompanying technique of thematic analysis whilst crucially giving attendees the opportunity to undertake or perform their own self analysis. Following this, there will be the chance for questions but importantly, the time and space to share experiences, revelations, and reflections drawn from attendees’ autoethnographies.

Ultimately, it is hoped that this personal workshop will help to initiate conversation and practice that seeks to collapse pedagogic walls that construct boundaries between research/teaching and appreciates how research and the self can create and design vibrant, research led degree programmes. It may also feature discussion on how autoethnography could feature in a student’s own practice, drawing upon their experiences to shift them from being receivers to participants.

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