Embedding research in problem-based learning: opportunities and challenges

Martin Veysey, Hull York Medical School, University of York



Since inception, Hull York Medical School has used problem-based learning as the
key modality for teaching first and second year undergraduate medical students.
This analytical approach lends itself to enquiry and research, but the opportunity to embed research-led teaching within PBL has been variably successful. Is PBL a good way to strengthen the links between teaching and research? And if so, how can course designers maximize this opportunity, while addressing the challenges it presents?

Structure of workshop

Using an interactive workshop format facilitated by both academics and students,
participants will be presented with the concept of, and the opportunities that exist in, a PBL curriculum with embedded links to research, that enables researchers to be actively involved in students’ learning. The participants will be asked to discuss whether these opportunities have been realized, in their experience, and to consider the challenges that exist. Possible solutions to the challenges will be explored, allowing participants to take away solutions to ensure their curricula are strengthened by this research-teaching nexus.

Intended outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will have benefited from the experience of the presenters, and their fellow attendees, and be able to take home key lessons to their programmes for implementation. They will have a set of priorities that will assist them in optimizing the experience for students and will strengthen the links between the researchers and educators within their respective departments.

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