Integrating problem-based learning into programmes: practicalities, ideas and potential benefits

Friday 17 November 2017, 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Speaker: Scott Slorach, Director of Learning and Teaching in the York Law School
Location: Room RCH/103, Ron Cooke Hub, Heslington east campus

This workshop will offer participants a range of practical perspectives and ideas on the design and integration of problem-based learning (PBL) into curricula at both UG and PG levels.

PBL offers opportunities to facilitate learning that is, variously: active, student-centred, independent, collaborative and contextual. Being problem-based, it has the capacity to enable students to develop transferable strategies for dealing with unfamiliar problems, applicable in academic, vocational and professional contexts. As a pedagogy, it is firmly embedded within the curricula of many medical schools, and Maastricht University uses the model across the institution.

Within legal education, there are a small number of schools that have embraced PBL as a core pedagogy, with York Law School being the only UK law school to do so. PBL may have been instrumental in favourable student feedback on the new NSS criteria on learning opportunities and communities.

The workshop will include consideration and discussion of PBL models; design and delivery; student experience and engagement; and some recent “advanced PBL” innovations and variations; all with a practical focus in terms of the potential to integrate PBL into curricula.

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