Technology in practice: ‘Creativity in the connected classroom’

Monday 22 February 2016, 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Speaker: Sara Perry, Archaeology and Tom Smith, IT Support


This workshop offers an introduction to the principles, challenges and best practices of using a variety of Google-enabled digital media technologies in student teaching, research and public communication.

Tom will provide a guided tour of the often overlooked, or little known corners of Google tools, from Apps Script to Awesome Tables.

Sara will discuss the application of Blogger, YouTube, Google Groups, Google Docs and related social media spaces in building intellectual independence, critical thinking, professional networks, visibility, and confidence amongst their users.

These tools offer not only meaningful creative opportunities, but also mechanisms by which the very nature of academic and professional fields of practice can be prodded, extended and perhaps even fundamentally reconfigured.  Although often fraught with tension, digital social technologies are powerful conceptual devices for both students and instructors.  We discuss here how they promise both to narrow the gap between theory and practice, and simultaneously hone and empower emerging professionals.

This is an interactive session – please come ready to discuss your experiences and share your questions and concerns about digital media in the academic environment.

If you wish to attend an event, please use our booking form or email

If you are unable to attend an event but would like a copy of the materials, please contact

Location: Room HG21, Heslington Hall

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