Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Enhancing Participation and Collaboration


The School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies at The University of Nottingham is hosting the 5th annual conference in the “Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University” series. The conference will focus on ‘Enhancing Participation and Collaboration’.

The #InnoConf15 is taking place at the University of Nottingham (University Park Campus) on 19 June 2015. Confirmed keynote speakers are Jan Hardman (University of York) and Zoltán Dörnyei(University of Nottingham).A7_TANGO_Screenshot3

This year’s conference will include presentations of case studies and projects on innovative ways to enhance participation and collaboration in Modern Languages at university, including English as a Foreign Language, and includes a presentation from Carmen Álvarez-Mayo, Languages For All, Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, disseminating the TANGO project as featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Forum magazine.

Join the conversation on Twitter: #InnoConf15

For further information, please see the website.

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