24/06/2015 Technology in practice: Impact of online assessment submission on Learning and Teaching

When: Wednesday 24 June 2015, 12.30-2.00pm [Lunch available from 12.15]simon
Where: Room D/L/037 lecture/seminar room, Derwent College
Who: Simon Davis, E-Learning Development Team, Academic Support Office

Adoption by departments of e-submission workflows to manage the submission of assessments continues to grow, with clear benefits of convenience and efficiency for students and administrators.  This trend has also meant that many more academics are adopting digital workflows for marking student work and producing feedback.

This session will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the experiences of “e-markers”; (those who are reading student work and / or providing feedback on screen).  We will aim to:

  • understand the obstacles faced,
  • highlight techniques which appear to support practice, and
  • consider the impact on feedback quality and student learning.

How do academics fit into the e-submission workflow?

Is it just about administrative efficiencies and student experience?

How should Department practices and technical development by the University progress from here?

Please come along to join in the discussion.

Suggested reading:

Literature review on effects on assessment of e-marking – Diana Fowles


Cambridge assessment research: http://www.cambridgeassessment.org.uk/our-research/areas-of-expertise/e-assessment/




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