28/01/15 Key skills in the curriculum: Help! I’m teaching research skills

researchWhen: Wednesday 28 January 2015 (week 4) 12.30-2.00pm [Lunch available from 12.15]
Where: Room HG21, Heslington Hall
Who: Zoe Handley and Lynda Dunlop, Education; Jenny Gibbons, York Law School; Ruth Mewis and Cecilia Lowe, Learning Enhancement Team, Academic Support Office

With a growing emphasis on evidence-based practice and policy across disciplines, the development of strong research skills is becoming increasingly important for undergraduates. It is, however, widely acknowledged that research skills modules are some of the least well-received modules on undergraduate programmes. Research skills can therefore be a challenge to teach.

In response to this, as part of the Higher Education Academy Strategic Enhancement Programmes strand focusing on Engaged Student Learning, a team of tutors in the social sciences with the help of the learning enhancement team are conducting a review of research methods teaching at York and setting up a forum to share practice in this area. In this workshop you will learn about the work we are already doing in this area and our plans for the project. The workshop is also an opportunity to develop your support networks in this challenging area by meeting other staff engaged in research methods teaching from across the university.

In order to facilitate discussions, attendees are encouraged to bring along copies of research skills module outlines.

If you wish to attend an event, please use our booking form or email learning-and-teaching-forum@york.ac.uk

If you are unable to attend an event but would like a copy of the materials, please contact janet.barton@york.ac.uk

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