09/02/15 Enhancing Engagement: Problem-based learning – A fairy tale?

problembasedlearningWhen: Monday 9 February 2015 (week 6) 12.30-2.00pm [Lunch available from 12.15]
Where: Room HG09, Heslington Hall
Who: Jenny Gibbons, York Law School

The relative merits of a problem-based learning (PBL) model as compared with other learning and teaching methods continues to be a topic of discussion at York and in higher education more generally. For staff involved in designing materials at a module, programme or departmental level some of the recurring questions about PBL are:

  • How much work is involved in creating resources?
  • Can the model adapt to change? and
  • Do the students actually benefit more from PBL than from the approach we adopt at present?

This session is aimed at clarifying some of the truths and dispelling some of the myths about the PBL model using examples from the York Law School. The intention is to discuss the rationale behind PBL and highlight some of its strengths and weaknesses before breaking into discipline sub-groups to work through the practical implications.

So is PBL the genie in the lamp who will answer all your wishes, or just an Emperor who has invested in a new set of clothes…?

Please come along and decide for yourself.

If you wish to attend an event, please use our booking form or email learning-and-teaching-forum@york.ac.uk

If you are unable to attend an event but would like a copy of the materials, please contact janet.barton@york.ac.uk

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