Physics3D – an inclusive learning project

Tuesday 21st May 2019, 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Speakers: Dr Emily Brunsden, Lecturer, Department of Physics
Location: Room P/T/111, Physics library reading room, Campus West

Workshop Summary

Inclusivity is actively including people, fostering a sense of belonging, empowering those with different backgrounds and removing barriers. Microchanges to teaching practice can help dramatically with the above. Emily will describe the Physics3D project which takes difficult 3D concepts in their physics programme and develops these in to 3D printed physical models and accompanying digital resources. This allows our students further avenues of interaction with key physics concepts, even those with visual impairment. In the workshop Emily will outline the project design and the progress that Physics have made to date as well as future ambitions to make our Physics degree learning more inclusive.

 To book a place on this workshop, please use the booking form.

Admission: Tea and coffee will be available from 12.15; please feel free to bring your own lunch

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