University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2017

The York Pedagogy – making it work

Tuesday 20 June

We are inviting colleagues to contribute workshops and poster presentations.  Deadline for workshop submissions is Wednesday 15 February 2017 and for poster submissions, Thursday 6 April 2017.

The York Pedagogy will shape the ways in which we consider our programmes, our teaching and assessment for years to come, defining our institution’s learning culture and setting performance expectations.  All programmes will have distinctive and clear objectives, and modules will be designed to offer progress towards them.  Student work will also support progress towards these objectives and assessments, though largely delivered at module level, will ultimately demonstrate attainment of overarching objectives.  Interactions between students and staff will propel students’ work and programmes will define what students can expect from their department and university.  The 2017 conference will provide an excellent opportunity for discussion of how departments are managing these changes to their programmes, exploring challenges, opportunities and benefits as a result of implementation.

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