L&T Session C4: Chemical communications projects: inspiring the teachers of the future

Annie Hodgson, Department of Chemistry

Abstract | Presentation | Recording

Annie shared her innovative chemistry communications project with us. This project is offered as an alternative to a traditional lab based project to BSc (Hons) Chemistry students who aspire to a career in teaching. The project offers students the opportunity to engage with the educational theory they might encounter on a PGCE whilst enabling them to spend some time in a school. Students are required to spend at least 10 full days in the classroom of their project school and then devise a project which is in some way meaningful for the school they work with. Past students have undertaken a wide range of projects which have included the production of resources for project schools or working with individuals who may benefit from one-to- one support. Assessment for the module is part reflection, part teaching observation, part written assessment and part presentation.

LT Event Talk 86.jpg

What struck me about this project was the opportunities it gives students to develop a wide variety of skills that are relevant not just to teaching but to any type of graduate career. This type of project and the out-reach variant Annie has created, would work equally well in other academic disciplines or in settings other than education. The project forms a great template for work based learning that could be incorporated in many of our programmes.

Jill Webb, York Management School, University of York 

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