L&T conference 2015: One size does not fit all: ensuring all students reach their potential

One size does not fit all: ensuring all students reach their potential
The 2015 Learning and Teaching conference was held on 10 June 2015 with 150 delegates from across the university and externally present. This is the University’s annual event to celebrate, showcase and disseminate the wealth of good practice in learning and teaching across the University.This year, the main conference theme was based around addressing inclusivity, diversity and equality within the classroom and curricula. The conference will explore the implications of diversifying delivery of programmes and how students are supported in the process of achieving their potential.

2015 Learning and Teaching conference poster abstracts (Google doc opens in a new window)

Session summaries and materials are now available for the sessions:

Poster session

Keynote:  Christine Hockings – The craft of Artisan Teaching

Workshop A: Giving everyone a voice – all students in small groups want to say something, Victoria Jack, CELT, Education

Workshop B: Making the curriculum more accessible to disabled students, Claire Shanks, James Browne and Penn Snowden, Disability Services

Workshop C: Power to the people: addressing inclusivity and student motivation through choice in assessment format, Cecilia Lowe, Learning Enhancent, ASO, Kathryn Arnold, Department of Environment, Benjamin Poore & Celine Kingman Department of Theatre, Film and Television; Scott Slorach, York Law School

Workshop D: Fitting Language – but how many sizes?, Paul Roberts, Education/CELT

Workshop E: Diversity and mixed ability at modular and programme level. Supporting Ab Initio language students’ transitions, Cinzia Bacilieri, Sam Hellmuth,Thomas Jochum-Critchley, Maria Muradas Casas, Nadine Saupe, Language and Linguistic Science

Workshop F: Effective group work in the multi-cultural classroom: a video presentation, Chris Copland, Education AND Raising awareness of the diversity of Chinese students in British HE communities, Ping Wang, Education

Workshop G: Video recordings of physics lectures, Martin Smalley, Physics, AND Learning before and after the lecture: the role of learning technology, Matt Cornock, E-Learning Development Team, Academic Support Office

Workshop H: Personalising feedback: Can we bridge the formative-summative gap?, Cathy Dantec, Language and Linguistic Science and Bill Soden, Education

Workshop I: ‘Lad culture’ and Higher Education: Exploring implications for inclusivity, equality and the student experience, Vanita Sundaram, Education AND Inclusive Postgraduate Teaching in the Department of Chemistry, Glenn Hurst, Rob Smith, Sue Couling, Chemistry

Workshop J: Taught Student Supervisor Resource, Christine Comrie and Ali Sherratt, Strategic Marketing and Digital Communications and Pete Quinn, Student Support Services

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