17/11/14 Teaching research methods: engaging students in an inquiry-based research process

When: Monday 17 November 2014 (week 8) 12.30-2.00pm
Where: Room HG09, Heslington Hall
Who: Ted Hewitt, Department of Health Sciences

Engaging students with research has often been difficult particularly in nursing for a number of reasons.  Primarily because the starting point has usually been a series of lectures describing the main methods employed in health care research making it difficult for the students to make the links to real research.  The recent development of a module required the students to engage with the evidence to answer a clinical uncertainty.  This produced a way of making the research relevant and also required the students to develop an evaluative understaning of the research methods used in the evidence they presented.

Within this new module the students were required to find an uncertainty from practice, devise an answerable question (along the lines of a research question), find relevant evidence from a range of sources and synthesise this to answer the questions, offering appraisal of this evidence and the continuing uncertainty that may exist.  In doing this the students were supported in seminar groups to develop a poster that would ultimately be presented as the summative assessment for the module.

This workshop will consider ways of engaging students actively in exploring research and evaluation of research methods and the evidence produced.  To achieve this, participants will explore the learning expected of their students and how current approaches might be adapted to achieve an active engagement.  It is suggested that participants bring along module descriptors or research learning outcomes associated with their programmes to aid this exploration.

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