Current Issue: Research-Led Teaching


This 44th edition of Forum Magazine marks the end of the academic year of 2017/2018 and reflects the dynamic discussions at the University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. This year’s conference focused on exploring ‘Research-Led Teaching: in pursuit of excellence’ and this pursuit of excellence is mirrored in the recent attainment of TEF gold status for the University of York. However, beyond metrics that measure teaching success, is the beating heart of learning embodied by the staff at York who work hard to inspire and enrich the imaginations and skill sets of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

This summer magazine edition seeks to promote and celebrate the excellent work being accomplished across the University to incorporate research into teaching practice from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds. It is delightful to have our lead article written by Angela Brew, from Macquarie University, Sydney in Australia on ‘Ten easy ways to put research and inquiry into courses’. As our international keynote speaker at the Learning and Teaching Conference this year, she offers fresh ideas for improving research-led teaching.

This magazine also marks the end of the illustrious reign of Phil Lightfoot (Physics) as the Chair of Learning and Teaching Forum. He has been a capable and inspirational leader with a passion for the development of teaching and learning at York. Phil, we salute you and offer you our thanks for your dedication to the Learning and Teaching Forum.

I hope all Forum readers have had a restful and productive summer.

– Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Editor

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