Current Issue: Assessment & Feedback


Welcome to this Spring edition of Forum Magazine which is the first I have produced as the Editor along with my trusty and capable sub-editor, Phil Robinson-Self, and the wider editorial committee comprised of Helen Bedford (Health Sciences), Glenn Hurst (Chemistry) and Carmen Álvarez-Mayo (Language and Linguistics). On taking up the role of editor, I have to confess to having experienced a large degree of apprehension – and there have certainly been some challenges to be overcome. However, I am pleased with what has been produced and I hope that you, the reader, benefit from the shared knowledge and experiences relating to assessment that are shared within this 43rd edition of Forum Magazine.

Following the rigorous process of the initial implementation of the York Pedagogy it has become clear that a huge swathe of departments have sought to shake up and improve assessment within their undergraduate programmes. This assessment-focused edition of Forum seeks to bring together a range of insights, extending from the design, development and implementation of a model for academic support and feedback, through consideration of Adaptive Comparative Judgement as an assessment process, to the experiences of being a Graduate Teaching Assistant helping students prepare for assessment, and even an interview with Steve King, the Chair for the Standing Committee on Assessment.

I hope you will agree that Forum magazine provides clear evidence of not only excellence and best practice here at the University of York, from which we can all learn, but also illustrates the enthusiasm amongst staff for providing a world class learning and teaching environment for all our students.


– Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Editor

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