Past Issues

Past Issues of the FORUM magazine can be found below (links open in a new window)

Issue 46: Creating Learning Partnerships (pdf, 4.4MB)
Magazine cover shows students presenting at the Learning and Teaching Conference 2019.

This issue is also available to view in a screen-reader optimised format (Google doc) or via SCRIBD

Issue 45: Creativity in Learning and Teaching
Magazine cover shows photographs of students working outside in front of a lake, in a computing lab wearing VR headsets, in a courtroom setting and with a map of the campus.

Issue 44: Research-led teaching
Image shows front page of the current issue of the forum magazine. 5 students are stood in the York minster, some are looking at the ceiling, all have papers and are taking notes.

Issue 43: Assessment and Feedback

Issue 42: The York Pedagogy: innovative teaching and learning

Issue 41: Student work

Issue 40: Value added Graduates: enabling our students to be successful

Issue 39: Strategies for effective learning

Issue 38: One size does not fit all

Issue 37: Promoting good practice in Learning and Teaching

Issue 36: Teaching as performance

Issue 35: Supervising independent work

Issue 34: Educational Technology

Issue 33: 50th Anniversary

Issue 30: Undergraduate Supervision