The Learning and Teaching Forum aims to bring together and support colleagues involved in teaching and learning support across the University of York.

Its activities include an annual learning and teaching conference, a series of lunchtime workshops throughout the year, the publication of Forum magazine twice a year, and this blog.

Colleagues from across the institution can participate through the Google Group, to share ideas and use the Forum as a sounding board for learning and teaching problems and innovations.

These outputs are overseen by a small management committee consisting of both academic and learning support staff.

Terms of reference

  1. To work with the University Teaching Committee on celebrating and raising the profile of learning and teaching across the University
  2. To provide staff-led fora for discussion of learning and teaching issues across the University
  3. To nurture and disseminate creativity and good practice in learning and teaching across the University, and thereby to contribute towards a consistent culture of quality
  4. To play a part in representing and referring staff views on learning and teaching-related issues, arising from the above activities, to the University Teaching Committee


Current membership of the Learning and Teaching Forum steering committee is as follows: