York Management School Undergraduate Buddy Scheme – Process and Reflections

Speakers: Caroline Chaffer, Jo Hawksworth, Jane Neal-Smith

Session originally ran on the 2nd of November 2020 (12:30 to 2pm).

Link to session recording


This presentation explores the implementation and operation of the UYMS first year undergraduate buddy scheme. The scheme was piloted in 2019/20 with first year students and has been rolled out in  2020/21 to all UG students with UTMS. The initial scheme was piloted to assess student engagement with it and also to understand the demands that running the schemes would place on the department. Whilst the scheme was driven by student demand, we were unsure of how successful take up would be.

After the pilot scheme was completed, we gathered feedback from student mentors and mentees which was used to inform the full scheme running the following year. Even through the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to try and run the buddy scheme (complying with guidelines).

The scheme is only in the initial stages for this academic year but we have 46 mentors and 59 mentees. Moreover we have 12 students who have decided to be a mentor and a mentee. i.e. they are a mentor to year 1 and have a mentor themselves in their final year. This indicates that they can see the appeal of being a mentor but also believe the scheme can still offer them something as a mentee for their current year of study.

This presentation will give an overview of how the scheme was set up, best practice for operationalising it and feedback from students on their experience

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