2020 Conference

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Inclusive and Engaged Learning

Date: Friday 13th March 2020

As we move into a new decade, the challenge of supporting increasingly diversified and ever-changing demographics is becoming key. Technology provides superb opportunities, but we are only just beginning to understand how we should leverage them. The focus of the 2020 Learning and Teaching Conference was how education can change in order to meet the needs of all learners. It solicited contributions on the themes of:

  • Creative and innovative learning methods
  • Building inclusive learning communities
  • Inter-cultural perspectives in the curriculum
  • Diverse learning and assessment strategies
  • Novel approaches to learning

Keynote Speaker: Dr Yota Dimitriadi, University of Reading “Reflections on disability, inclusion & accessibility in academia

2020 Conference Programme

The conference programme is included below. Click on the links for session abstracts and recordings.

Keynote lecture and discussion

Reflections on disability, inclusion & accessibility in academia
Yota Dimitriadi, University of Reading

Lightning Talks

The Graphic Novel Collection – Learning with Pictures
Lucy Atkinson and Martin Philip
Our own Special Ks: Kamishibai and its “kyoiku” (educational) power
Geraldine Enjelvin, Megumi Bailey and Holly Williams
Introducing students to effective learning strategies on a University-wide scale
Walter Jansen
The Promise and Perils of Learning on the Move: Walking as a Teaching Tool
Ruth Penfold-Mounce


What makes students engaged in learning? An overview of the Student Engagement projectRecording
Annis Stenson, Clare Burgess, Thom Shutt and David Gent
Drawing on diversity: The international classroom at Maastricht University and beyondRecording
Donna Carroll
Moving on up: supporting student transitions to and within Higher EducationRecording
Sally Quinn, Alex Benjamin, Katie Smith and Patrick Murphy
Student engagement: towards a systematic review of the student experience
Oscar van den Wijngaard – Recording
Facilitating Inclusive and Engaged Learning in Fully Online Masters Programmes
Nathan Page, Liz Matykiewicz and Dawn Wood


Creating Innovative Learning Methods in Archaeology: Integrating the Practical and the Theoretical in Artefact Studies
Andy Needham, Jess Bates, Mike Groves, Andy Langley and Steph Piper
Technology in the Classroom: Game Based Learning Platforms and Student Engagement
Lesley Davies and Ellen Spender
“From Margins to Centre?” A Student Perspective on Representation in the Historical Discipline
Clare Burgess and Olivia Wyatt
University of York Students’ Vision for a Diversified and Liberated York
Giang Nguyen
International students’ pathways: the journey and the challenges
Eddie Cowling, Wanting Gu and Wei Sun
From pre-assessment consumption to ongoing active engagement: Student-created content and peer review using the Panopto recorder
Angela O’Flaherty and Rob Shaw
Understanding and improving practice learning experiences and outcomes for BAME social work students
Hannah Jobling, Kelly Devenney, Jenny Threlfall, Polly Sykes

Poster Session

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